Supporting Someone Else

This list of resources most recently updated January 2022.

Immediate Support – Reach Out Program

It can be tough to provide support, and at times you may be concerned about the person you are supporting or in supporting them you may have difficult emotions of your own.
Keep the Reach Out program in mind, to suggest it to the person you are supporting, or to contact the service yourself for guidance and advice.

The Reach Out program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Telephone / Text 519-433-2023.  Web Chat support also available.
Visit their website here



Video – How do you help a grieving friend?

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Article – 64 Ways to “Meet Grieving People Where They’re At”

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Article – How to Support a Grieving Family Member or Friend:  6 Principles – What’s Your Grief

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Speaking Grief Doc Image

Speaking Grief Documentary

This film focuses on moving away from the idea that grief is a problem that needs to be “fixed,” Speaking Grief validates the experience of grievers and guides those wishing to support them.

Promotes that there is no “right” way to grieve. By sharing diverse representations of bereavement, Speaking Grief illustrates that grief is a universal, yet individual experience.

Online video – 56 minutes in length – professionally produced.