Child Loss Resources

Below please find a variety of online resources specific to child loss.

The Compassionate Friends – Leaflets for Bereaved Parents

At this website you will find an extensive variety of brochures regarding different types and aspects of child loss.
Each brochure can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.
There are 6 sections, each with multiple brochures which we have outlined below.  We do expect these may change over time, but we have listed the options available as of February 2022.
*Please note that this organization is based in the United Kingdom so there may be some differences to consider – for example when they discuss healthcare or police practices.

Coping with Grief
Introducing TCF
My child has died.  How do I cope?
Bereavement and your health
Coping with Judgemental Attitudes
Coping with Special Occasions
Grief of the Newly Bereaved
Living with Grief
Prolonged and Intense Grief
Back at Work
The Bereaved Parent and Their Faith

Children and Friends
Our surviving children
Our Child’s Friends
Our Adult Child’s Partner and Friends

Grief for Particular Ages Groups of Children
Grieving for Our Young Child (2-10 years)
Grieving for Our Pre-teen or Teenage Child (11-18 years)
Grieving for Our Baby
The death of and adult child

Particular Circumstances
Grieving the Death of our Child During the Coronavirus Pandemic
The sudden death of our child
After Suicide
Bereaved Through Drug or Alcohol Use
Grieving For Our Child Who Experienced Mental Health Problems
When our Child has Died Following a Road Incident
When Your Child Has Died Abroad
Grieving for our disabled child
When our child has died of a long term illness
When our Child has been Murdered

A Mother’s grief
A Father’s Grief
Childless parents
Grieving for More Than One Child
Grieving the Death of a Twin Child
Grieving Couples
Grieving Child Loss in Blended and Step Families
The Bereaved Lone Parent
The Death of our Stepchild or our Partner’s Child

Factsheets and Practial Aspects of Bereavement
Coping with Legal Proceedings Following the Death of Our Child
Inquests 1 – Overview
Inquests 2 – Preparation
Inquest 3 – The Day
Preparing Our Child’s Funeral
Our Child, Social Media and their Digital Legacy
Fact Sheet on Death Abroad
Remembering Our Child Leaflet
Remembering Our Child – Handbook
FAQ NHS Complaints 1 – Making A Decision
FAQ NHS Complaints 2 – Who and How
FAQ NHS Complaints 3 – The Process

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network (PAIL Network)

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network (PAIL Network) is dedicated to improving bereavement care and providing support to families who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or the death of their baby/babies. We are a provincial program that operates as a part of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre‘s DAN Women and Babies program.

Our support services have been tailored to meet the specific needs of grieving families, and are available at no cost to all families in the province of Ontario. We are uniquely sensitive to the experiences surrounding pregnancy and infant loss because many of us have been there, too.

image for Love That Never Dies film

A Love That Never Dies

This film is a personal journey by the founders of The Good Grief Project, Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds, who describe it as a love letter to their son Josh.

Josh died in a road accident in South East Asia in 2011 and they now honour him with their own journeys: to Vietnam and the place where he died, to Varanasi, India and a road trip across the USA, where they meet with other families who have also lost a child.

To view, you can rent the video for a small fee (approx. $6) through Amazon or Vimeo – look for links on the website page.
Additional films and materials on the website as well.

Online video – 75 minutes in length – professionally produced. & CaringTogether.Life

Online articles and videos hosted at and websites, both initiatives of the Canadian Virtual Hospice.

Click on the images / buttons below to visit specific areas of these websites we expect you may find most helpful.

Some information provided will be specific to a loss after a period of illness, however even if your loss circumstances are different, there are still many helpful resources available here.

Speaking Grief Doc Image

Grief Stories

A collection of first hand stories including videos, blogs and podcasts about grief.

Note – you can search by grief sub-topic such as “Death of a Child” in the search box, or by clicking on the topic in the word cloud that shows to the right once your access a Story.

Watch for “Older Posts” link at bottom to continue accessing more stories.

Below is a link to the website home page, as well as some more specific examples to help you get started with this website.

General Grief Resources

We also suggest visiting our General Grief Resources page.  Resources listed on this page are not necessarily specific to child loss, but may still be helpful to you.